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Sheila's quick tips for an easier delivery

Let's suppose you're already in labour and don't have time to read the whole book but need to know - in 500 words or less - how to make this birth easier. Here are some quick tips to help you.

1) Don't be afraid. If you are a woman, you are designed for giving birth. It's not an illness! (Chapter 1 will the confidence you need.)

2) Stay out of bed and on your feet. (Chapter 2 gives you a variety of reasons why, both from a physiological and an emotional perspective.)

3) Avoid excessive medical "help." The less doctors interfere, the better, for both you and your child. (Chapter 8 & 10 explain why.)

4) If you feel better (relaxed) at home and are in good health, give birth there. It's perfectly safe (Chapter 9 includes the surprising research that supports this fact) and generally less painful in your own environment. (Chapter 9 & 11 will give you more details.)

5) Kissing and smooching with your mate helps make labour easier. (Chapter 10 & 11 describe how and are full of surprises.)


Here's yet another reason to avoid intervention: a 115% increase in ASTHMA is related to forceps delivery!

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